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Clean-Tech sustainability

An inspiring new clean technology company.  Launching a world-beating technology platform that enables "carbon-neutral combustion" (even carbon-negative in many applications).

Licensing Opportunities

Are you a manufacturer of products currently utilizing fossil fuels? Why not offer your customers a lower "cost of use" without negative environmental consequences? Contact us today for licensing opportunities.

PCT filing completed for global patent protection. Be the first in your market!  Early adaptors will enjoy favourable royalty rates.

Carbon Neutral COMBUSTION is here!

Imagine combustion without contributing to the world's biggest problem - climate change. As an example, all other cooking technologies depend on fossil fuels, while our's uses renewable solid bio-fuel made from 100%  "in-cycle carbon".  Imagine a BBQ that can go from zero to 500 degrees F in seconds. It's a game changer! Now think boilers, furnaces, etc.

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What can I do, to turn back the clock on Climate Change?

Become empowered...and change the world...for the better!

Finally, you personally will have the power to effect positive change!

AirStoveOne Inc.

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